Our Team

Our staff consists of 65+ individuals all committed to caring for the needs of your pets. We are a highly-qualified team, including four certified technicians, and three foreign veterinarians as technicians.

Our veterinarians and support staff strive not only to provide the most up-to-date veterinary care, but are also committed to educating our clients on the latest developments in pet medicine, and offering knowledgeable advice, how-to-videos, and answers to frequently asked questions. We make it our mission to help your pet live their longest, healthiest and happiest life possible.

Our Veterinary Team

Anjanette Cabeza, DVM

Dr. Anjanette Cabeza was born and raised in Panama, where she began working in the field of Veterinary Medicine at the age of 12 years old as a volunteer at a US Military Clinic in Corzal. She moved to the US to attend Colorado State University to complete her Undergraduate studies. She graduated from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine with the Upjohn Award of Proficiency in Small Animal Medicine. Dr. Cabeza has 20+ years of experience in small animal medicine and surgery, with her primary interest in internal medicine. The most rewarding part of her job is being able to help people and pets in their time of need. She is a member of the International Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Society, the AVMA, FVMA, and the SFVMA. She is a USDA Accredited Veterinarian. For the past 16 years, Dr. Cabeza has owned and operated a successful veterinary practice and will soon be re-opening a newly built Doral Pet Resort. For many years, her practice has been focused on emergency medicine which is open 24 hours to serve Doral and its surrounding cities. Additionally, she is also certified to perform Penn Hip Certifications and certified to perform Endoscopy procedures.

Dr. Cabeza is also the founder of the Cabeza Foundation, which is a foundation that has a primary goal to provide financial assistance to pet owners whose pet has a life-threatening condition and, with medical care, would have a chance to return to normal function. She created the Memory Lane Sidewalk located at the Trails and Tails Doral Dog Park, in which proceeds from the brick sales go towards the Cabeza Foundation to assist people financially with their sick pets. She has twin children by the names of Ashley and William. She owns a few pets, a Border Collie named Misty, a cat named Tiger, two hamsters, and fish.

Guillermo Salazar, DVM

Dr. Guillermo Salazar was born and raised in Cuba and has always held a strong interest in science, animals, and anatomy from a young age. When he become a teenager, his family moved to Puerto Rico, where Dr. Salazar ended up attending the University of Puerto Rico for a year and a half before moving to Miami, Florida, where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Florida International University. After finishing his undergraduate studies, he spent two more years in Miami working as a Veterinarian Assistant to gain invaluable expertise before becoming a veterinarian.

He then moved to Iowa to attend Iowa State University, where he earned a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. Following graduation, he spent two and a half years working as a veterinarian in general practice but found his true calling in emergency medicine and care. He is dedicated to providing compassionate and exceptional pet care to the community of Doral.

Alexis Vega, DVM

Meet Dr. Alexis Vega, our dedicated and compassionate veterinarian whose love for animals is only rivaled by her adventurous spirit. With a strong educational background and a zest for life, Dr. Vega brings a unique blend of expertise and enthusiasm to her career.

Dr. Vega was born and raised in Miami, Fl. She attended Florida State University for her undergraduate education and then pursued her dream of becoming a veterinarian at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, completing her clinical education at Tufts University, where she gained hands-on experience and honed her skills.

Since then, Dr. Vega embarked on a fulfilling career in emergency medicine. She firmly believes in the importance of promoting responsible pet ownership and raising awareness about animal health and wellness. Her dedication to educating pet owners allows her to establish strong bonds with pets and their human companions.

When she's not caring for her furry patients, Dr. Vega loves to explore and immerse herself in new cultures. Traveling is not just a hobby for her but a way to enrich her perspective and embrace diversity. You might find her traversing the tranquil beaches of the Florida Keys, soaking in the sun, and reveling in the beauty of nature. Additionally, her passion for culinary exploration fuels her creativity and open-mindedness, qualities that contribute to her innovative approach to veterinary medicine.

Her commitment to the well-being of animals, paired with her adventurous spirit and love for exploration, makes her a truly unique and valuable addition to our Doral Centre team.

David Ocando, DVM

Biography coming soon!

Paola Vazquez, DVM

Dr. Paola Vazquez earned her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from the Ohio State University in 2019. Originally from Bayamon, Puerto Rico, she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Puerto Rico. Dr. Vazquez spent three years in Ohio working in general practice and then joined our DCAH family, where she continues to develop her interest in emergency, internal medicine, and ultrasounds.

In her free time, Dr. Vazquez can be found traveling, exploring new restaurants, spending time with her family and friends, and taking care of her fluffy cat, Smokey.

Ken Moy, DVM

Dr. Ken Moy, born in the vibrant city of Caracas, Venezuela, brought his zest for life to the United States at the age of 13. He found his American home in the sunny landscapes of Doral, Florida, where his teenage years shaped his passion today.

Ignited by a family legacy of medical dedication, Dr. Moy was inspired by his mom, uncles, and aunts who pursued human medicine. Dr. Moy discovered an additional calling amid wagging tails and whiskers. Volunteering at animal shelters unveiled his affinity for creatures big and small, sparking a realization that his destiny entailed caring for animals and practicing medicine.

Starting as a Veterinarian Assistant, he immersed himself in research at the UF Dairy Science, and later returned to the University of Florida, earning a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine with a certificate in Veterinary Business Management. Now, Dr. Moy is armed with a heart that beats for both animals and business acumen.

Dr. Moy has a special interest in surgery and plans to master his skills in more advanced soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries. He is father to a 9-year-old orange tabby cat named George Washington, who has been with him since his first year in college. George Washington is nocturnal and loves to eat and play tag in the middle of the night!

Elizabeth Rodriguez Valentin, DVM

Dr. Elizabeth Rodriguez Valentin is a dedicated veterinarian currently part of the exceptional team at Doral Centre Animal Hospital, where her passion for emergency care, trauma, and surgery shines through. Raised in Miami and born in Puerto Rico, she pursued her undergraduate studies at Florida International University before earning her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2023. She then completed her clinical year at Louisiana State University.

Alongside her professional endeavors, she enjoys exploring new places and cuisines and indulges in her love for travel. She shares her life with Lily, a cuddly kitten adopted from Louisiana, who adds warmth and companionship to her adventures.

Sarah Olsen, DVM, BVMS - Veterinary Intern

Dr. Sarah Olsen, originally from Southern California, ventured far from home, all the way to Scotland, in order to pursue her dream of becoming a veterinarian. She graduated from the University of Glasgow School of Veterinary Medicine in Scotland after spending five transformative years there. During her journey, Dr. Olsen also spent a year and a half in Puerto Rico, where she honed her Spanish skills and embraced diverse cultures.

In her free time, she's an avid traveler, outdoor enthusiast, and a skilled cook and baker.

Dr. Olsen's veterinary passions include surgery, wound management, imaging, emergency medicine, and urgent care. Her dedication to animals and her global experiences make her a unique and caring veterinarian.


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Stephanie Burke, Hospital Director

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Carmen Loo, Inventory Manager

Yaelin Santiago, ER Team Lead

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Hannah Jackson, Client Care Manager

Mary Ocasio Client Care Representative

Mary Ocasio, Lead Client Care Representative

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Megan Lozano, Surgical Care Coordinator


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