A Real Fishing Story For All You Fishermen

This is Chiqui, a 2 ½ year old boxer was enticed by the bait at the end of the hook an proceeded to eat the bait, the fishing line and the hook!


Here’s chiqui’s Xray:



Using endoscopy equipment, this is what we saw:


Double Yikes!

We were so disappointed to find out that the hook had penetrated the esophagus! As all you fishermen know, fishing hooks are usually cut and removed in 2 pieces, however, with part of the hook in the chest cavity, that is not possible without a major open chest surgery. With tedious manipulation and the help of the amazing tool of endoscopy, we were able to remove the fishhook. This still presented a huge potential problem for Chiqui, removing the fish hook is just the beginning, not the ending! The fishhook had penetrated into an area called the “mediastinal space”. Infection in that area is almost always deadly. A dirty fishhook with bacteria on it entering the space could lead to a fatal infection! We hospitalized the pet and placed her on aggressive antibiotic therapy and she made a full recovery with no complications!

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