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Testimonials in Doral

Testimonials in Doral, FL

The veterinary team at Doral Centre Animal Hospital loves our patients and our clients! We are always honored to hear your thoughts about our exceptional services we provide to you and yours.

We invite you to submit your written or video testimonial to our team. Email us, “Attn: Melissa.” We cannot wait to hear from you. It is your feedback that helps us to continue providing the best possible care to you and your beloved pets.

John Bull

George Dermercado

Michelle Ortiz

“You all rock! That includes Pacifica!” – Maritza Stanchich

“Melissa treated my kitty with a lot of love. I’ll be back.” – Gorki Carrillo

“William was amazing. We came in on 03/23 at 5:30am and he was very nice considering the situation. Thank you.” – Monica Figuera

“Barbie went out of her way to make us feel so much better. Excellent customer service!” - Jackie Pazmino

“When first admitting Simon our cat we were very panicked and worried but Adriana helped to calm us down and make us feel safe and secure in leaving Simon here overnight.” – Jose Correa

“Stephanie is always helpful, seeing that I get what I need as quickly as possible. Answers all my questions with ease.” – Sergio Rivas

“Every time my dog Apple visits the clinic for a haircut I am assured that Apple will be in good care with Lissette. Apple is a bit hard to manage considering she’s not too fond of people outside our family. But Lissette takes the time to come out to my car and take Apple inside so she isn’t nervous. Lissette has the most patience with Apple and treats her with kindness even when she is anxious.” – Rosario Perez

“This clinic is unique! It is like a home and the love and attention is so abundant that it makes it a joy to take our 4-legged family members there. I love caring for needy animals, the emails for adoption, even the fundraising to treat an injured dog whose owner couldn’t afford surgery. This clinic is so awesome warm and humane.” – Lydia Perez

“Because of Melissa we decided to stick with this clinic. We have had friendly service also from Yonandra, Jessica and Kelly, they do a great job too!” – Jenny Salazar

“I would like to say THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for all the help and attention!” - Andrea Bourroul

“Yonandra’s care for patients is so genuine. All of the staff there is awesome in the way they treat everyone. Doral Animal Center rocks!” – Frank Vaio

“Karla has a genuinely warm demeanor. Not only has she always been loving to Thor, just like everyone else, she has been extremely friendly and compassionate toward me. I thank you all for the dedicated effort you all do, each and every day.” – Leslie Saballos

“Dr. Diptee is the most caring and compassionate vet ever!” – Katia Lopez

“Dr. Jorge Araque was there for my dog when he went through a problem. He answered all my questions with patience. He made me understand what was happening to my dog, but he had a way not to scare or stress you over the situation.” - Mariella

“The last two times I have been there with Ricky, Alex has taken care of my puppy. He is kind and caring. I think that Ricky really likes him because he wags his tail like crazy when he sees him.” – Ricardo Valenzuela

“Melissa Garcia provided great customer service, true interest in well being of my pet Tiki.” - Nasim Zahran

“Denise was like an angel that came to my rescue. She was so compassionate; she went above and beyond when I wasn’t asking for her to.” - Claudia Correa

“I trust Dr. Anjanette Cabeza. My dog is great because of her.” – Mariella Guiterrez

“Everyone who works is extremely nice. I really liked the Doctor my dog had, not only was she knowledgeable but you could tell she genuinely cared. Thank you guys for taking care of my puppy Elvis!”
- Monica A.