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Pet Stem Cell Therapy in Doral: Kitten Runs Through Field

Doral Centre Animal Hospital and MediVet-America are proud to announce that we are now offering stem cell therapy for dogs and cats suffering from osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia and other degenerative diseases. This new state-of-the-art medicine is now being performed here in Doral, FL. Stem cell technology has been around for several years, but was extremely expensive and out of reach for many pet owners, until now.

Doral Centre Animal Hospital is offering same day, In-hospital stem cell treatments. This controls the cost and allows for same day therapy thus eliminating multiple trips to our hospital. We offer several different regenerative options and we are able to identify the procedure that best fits your pet’s disease.

Pet Stem Cell Therapy in Doral: Puppy Runs Through Grass

Adipose Stem Cell technology does not involve embryonic stem cells. The procedure uses the animals own adult stem cells from fat tissue to heal and repair, therefore there are no ethical or FDA issues as the method is extremely safe. If you have pet insurance, some companies may cover up to 80% of the cost.

Owners report improvements in range of motion and mobility in three to ten days. The stem cells will continue healing from weeks to months and the effect last a year or more. Depending on the extent of the joint injury and the age of the animal when they first receive regenerative medicine, some animals may need periodic treatment.

For additional information please contact Dr. Cabeza at our hospital or visit http://medivetbiologics.com/ for more details on adult stem cell therapy for your pet.

What Could Stem Cells Do For Your Pet?

Videos About Stem Cell Therapy

Dr. Cabeza and the Doral Centre Animal Hospital team recommends the following educational videos if you have questions about stem cell therapy. Dr. Mike Hutchinson does such a wonderful job explaining this veterinary tool. If you still have questions after reviewing these videos, you are always welcome to contact us!

“Everyone who works is extremely nice. I really liked the Doctor my dog had, not only was she knowledgeable but you could tell she genuinely cared. Thank you guys for taking care of my puppy Elvis!”
- Monica A.