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Karla Monterroso

Karla - Business Development and Inventory Manager Karla Monterroso has worked as a Shift Supervisor here at Doral Centre Animal Hospital since May of 2015. Karla decided to enter the field of Veterinary Medicine back in 2010 when she began working as a Veterinary Technician. She initially wanted to be a Veterinarian. She has since changed her mind in regard to her career choice. Her interest now happens to be to study behavior and work in behavioral research / conservation. Karla earned her Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences and a minor psychology from FIU. Karla has attended several Hills Prescription Diet training seminars and Continued Education lectures. In the future she intends on applying to Grad School. She also happens to own 3 pets, Bruno a Yorkie Poodle Mix, Rocky a Terrier Mix and Twiggy a domestic short hair cat. Working at Doral Centre Emergency & Trauma Centre is ideal for Karla because she has a great interest in critical and emergency medicine. She enjoys working alongside Dr. Cabeza because not only is she a strong independent woman and business owner, but she has a genuine compassion for the well-being of animals and their owners. Due to the fact that Dr. Cabeza holds her clinic to a high standard, Karla is grateful to be a part of such an establishment. The rest of the staff is friendly and compassionate as well, which only makes the atmosphere more enjoyable for Karla. In her down time she enjoys exercising by doing Yoga.

Kailynn Sanchez

Kailynn - Client Services Manager Kailynn Sanchez has been the Client Services Manager at Doral Centre Animal Hospital since September 2016. She moved from New York City in March 2016 where she was the Client Services Manager for the ASPCA Animal Hospital. She has been working in the emergency animal hospital industry for five years and has found a passion for client service and animals. She attended Florida International University and graduated with a B.A. in Art and minor in Art History. She plans to continue her education in management and client relations. Her hobbies include printmaking, textile weaving, and baking. She currently resides in Miami with her husband, their son, and their four cats: Leno, Mimi, Marcy, and Finn.

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Anthony - Shift Supervisor Anthony joined the Doral Center team in Fall 2016. He has been working with animals for a long time, but has been working in the veterinary industry for about 10 years. Anthony studied Approved Veterinary Assisting at Penn Foster and has had hands-on technician experience throughout the years.

He moved from New York to Miami and loves the warm weather! In his spare time he is an avid swimmer, loves snorkeling, and builds and wears various costumes for cosplay conventions. He also enjoys movies, music and playing video games.

Barbie Hernandez

Barbie - Shift Supervisor Barbie Hernandez started as a surgical technician for the Doral Centre Animal Hospital and was promoted to Shift Supervisor. Barbie chose this field of work to assist pets who don’t have a voice, therefore they depend on us to provide them love, care and assistance. She owns a dog by the name of Scooby, he is a 60lb Pit Mix who loves to swim and cuddle. Barbie has been working in this field as a technician since 2006. Barbie graduated from Braddock High School in 2002 and plans on continuing her education to be a CVT. Barbie has a daughter Mia and is also an aunt who plays a major role in her nephew’s life. The part of her job that she enjoys the most would be assisting with surgeries. The most rewarding part of her job is to provide compassionate care to our patients. Additionally, the look of relief on our client’s face when we have helped their pet overcome an illness, as well as the look on our patient’s face that show sincere gratitude for helping them is another part of her job here that she finds gratifying.

Claudia Colom

Claudia - Shift Supervisor Claudia Colom joined Doral Centre Animal Hospital in the Spring of 2016.  She has earned a Bachelor of Arts in English with a Minor in Biology from University of Florida and is currently working on a pre-health post-baccalaureate certificate at FIU.

Claudia says, “ I’ve seen how everyone at Doral Centre goes out of their way to make you feel welcome. It’s the same dedication and welcoming attitude that extends to every client and pet that comes to our hospital. I look forward to keep learning and growing!”

When not at work, Claudia enjoys taking her 2 Frenchie’s and 1 pug Cherry, Chanel, and Maya to the dog park.


Gabriela - Client Service Specialist Gabriela joined Doral Centre Animal Hospital in spring of 2017. She is currently attending Miami Dade College and working toward her Bachelors in Elementary Education.

She has 2 english bulldogs, 4 cats, and in her spare time she volunteers at Miami Dade Public schools and enjoys sunny days at the beach.


Leslie - Client Service Specialist Leslie joined the Doral Centre team in Fall 2016. She loves working around animals and she especially loves dachshunds! She also enjoys learning more about dogs and cats. She enjoys working at Doral Centre because of the environment but more importantly because all staff members share the same goal: helping animals.

Leslie attended Miami Dade College and received an Associate degree in nursing but decided to change her major to journalism. She is currently working towards her Bachelors at Florida International University. She is part of the Honor Society at FIU: Phi Kappa Phi. In her spare time she enjoys photography (film), concert photography, music journalism and spending time with her four dachshunds.

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Jessie - Client Service Specialist Jessie joined Doral Centre in 2016. She has worked in the customer service industry for over 7 years. She enjoys the experience of meeting all the amazing pets that come through our doors but especially enjoys working for a company that genuinely cares about the health of every pet brought to the facility. Jessie has had pets her entire life from dogs and cats to exotics.

Jessie attended Miami Dade College as well as Florida College of Natural Health to obtain her degree in Advance Massage Therapy and Physical Therapy. She is currently enrolled at University of Florida taking online classes for a Masters degree in International Business and Foreign Languages.

Yonandra Molina

Yonandra - Surgical Technician Yonandra (Yodi) Molina is a Veterinary Technician at the Doral Centre. She chose the field of Veterinary Medicine to dedicate herself to the health and well-being of animals. She owns 3 dogs, a Maltese Mix named Rocky, a Chihuahua named Lupita and a Shih Tzu named Cookie. Yodi has a Degree in Veterinary Medicine that she obtained in 1996 from the University of Camagüey in Cuba. She has been working as a technician in the US for 7 years now. She has two daughters one that was born in 1998 and one that was born 2011. The aspect of Yodi’s job that she loves the most is assisting with emergency situations and assisting with surgeries, especially cesarean procedures. The area of veterinary medicine that interests Yodi the most is Internal Medicine and Ophthalmology. The part of Yodi’s job here that she finds most rewarding is when we have a critical care patient that is on their last leg and we are able to save his/her life.

Robert Ortiz

Robert - Certified Veterinary Technician Robert Ortiz is a Certified Veterinary Technician with over 4 years experience. He has earned his Associate of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology from MDC and is a member of Florida Veterinary Technician Association also known as FVTA. He is currently in school pursuing his Physician Assistant Studies. He is passionate about medicine and complete patient care.

Hilda Hernandez

Hilda - Certified Veterinary Technician Hilda Hernandez is a Certified Veterinary Technician with over 10 years experience.

She has earned her Associate of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology from MDC with Honors. She plans to go St. George’s Veterinary Program and is currently working on her Bachelors in Biology at FIU.

Hilda says “I enjoy working in a emergency hospital because of the amazing opportunity I have applying my skills within a fast-paced environment.”

She has a special interest in reconstructive and cosmetic surgical procedures, anesthesiology, and internal medicine.

Some professional associations that Hilda is involved with are FVMA, FVTA, and is certified to perform cold laser therapy with the Kay Laser American Association.

On her free time she volunteers at different beaches rescuing sea turtles where she aides in the research, rehabilitation and conservation of the species.


Being brought up with animals all her life, whether they were her own or those on her family’s farm, it is no wonder Hilda has made caring for animals her life career.

Lesley Guerra

Lesley - Veterinary Technician Lesley Guerra works as a Veterinary Technician here at Doral Centre. She chose this line of work because she has always had a desire to care and provide help to animals. She owns three pets herself, a Shepard mix named Johnny, a Sheba-Inu Husky mix named Ace and a cat named Pepi. She also happens to be a Certified Medical Assistant. She has been working as a Veterinary Technician since 2006. She is currently a nursing student. Leslie has a son that was born in 2009 and she is a expecting a new baby in February of 2015. The part of her job she is most fond of is assisting with invasive surgeries such as exploratory or foreign body removal. As well as the adrenaline rush she gets when assisting with the stabilization and aid of emergency cases that come through our door. The aspect of her position that she finds the most fulfilling would be treating a very critical case and being able to see that patient recover and return home to a normal life.

Denise Bisbal

Denise - Veterinary Technician Denise Bisbal works as a Veterinary Technician at the Doral Centre. She joined the Veterinary field due to her admiration with working with animals. She owns a 14 year old Yorkie by the name of Nina. She has a Veterinary certificate in CPR. When living in Puerto Rico she was attending school to become a Veterinarian. She worked as a Veterinary Assistant in Puerto Rico for 13 years. She moved to the U.S in March of 2013 and has been working as a technician with us since. For continued education she has also attended a K9 Oral Surgery and Radiology Dental Lab. Denise has one child and one grandchild. Her favorite aspect working here at Doral Centre is the environment and the great team that she gets to work with. The most rewarding part of her job here is being able to help those pets in need and seeing them return home fully recovered.

William Fernandez

William - Veterinary Technician William Fernandez works as a Veterinary Technician here at Doral Centre. He chose to work in the field of Veterinary Medicine because he has always had a soft heart for animals in general. He loves their loyalty and unconditional affection and protection they display with humans unlike no other. In return William has adopted a love to care and assist in nursing them back to health. William himself owns 3 American Bulldogs and a Bullshitz (American Bulldog crossed with a Shih-tzu.) The 2 American Bulldog names are Roxy and Nyla and the crossbreed is named Bruizer. He also has 2 cats, one named Alex and the other named Sky and a Guinea Pig named Snickers. William has been working as a Veterinary Technician since the year 2000. Along the way he has had the opportunities to receive special training from DuPont Chemistries, focusing on the operations and functions of chemistry machines. He has also had special training on OSHA protocols, patient handling, gas anesthesia machine operations, basic fluid therapy as well as multiple in service workshops related to proper catheter placement, patient treatment, drug administration, radiographs, blood collection, euthanasia protocols, record keeping medical surgical and dental set up procedures. In the year 2000 he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Science of Physical Education at FIU. He is currently a teacher at Frank C Martin IB K8 Center. William has a variety of different certifications- First Aid, CPR, Blood Pathogens, Oxygen Administration & AED Operations. He also happens to be a Certified American Redcross Lifeguard and Swimming Instructor. He is a parent to 4 beautiful daughters and one son which are all in college now except for one of his daughters. The aspect of his job that he enjoys the most is acting and responding to emergency cases that come in overnight during his graveyard shift and being able to assist the Veterinarian with the stabilization of the patient by providing the utmost quality nursing care to save the patient’s life. What William finds to be most fulfilling is when we are able to send a patient home knowing that we provided the best veterinary care and to see their owners jubilant in happy with the results.

Etosha Pelt

Etosha (Tasha) - Veterinary Technician Tasha Pelt works as a Veterinary Technician here at the Doral Centre. She entered the field of Veterinary Medicine because of her lifelong love for animals. Throughout her child hood she would spend summers staying at her cousins and would spend all summer playing with their family pet. After that she knew when she grew up that she wanted a career in Veterinary Medicine. She began working as a Veterinary Technician back in 2007. She is certified in first aid, BLS/CPR and PCM (Professional Crisis Management.) She also happens to be a Certified Laboratory Technician. Tasha has a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Sciences from Tuskegee University. She is currently taking courses to obtain her Master’s Degree in Psychology at Capella University. She appreciates working at the Doral Centre because it allows her the opportunity to do what she enjoys most which is to help people and their pets. She loves the professional relationships that she has been able to build with her fellow employees and the Doctors on staff. She is grateful for the advanced training she has received with critical cases here at the Doral Centre and how all of her colleagues have aided in teaching her first-hand how to perform certain tests and procedures she had never experienced before with past employers. Outside of work, Tasha enjoys reading, playing sports and X-box with her friends.

Jennifer Falero

Jennifer Falero - Veterinary Technician Jeni is one of our Veterinary Technicians. She has been working with animals for over 10 years! She currently has 3 dogs, Roger, Rocco and Nichy. In addition, she has a cat named Panda and a turtle named Buddy. She is a proud mother of 2 gorgeous boys Mason & Marcelo. On her free time, she enjoys spending family time with her kids and husband Fredy.

Jacqueline Ramos

Jacqueline Ramos - Veterinary Technician Jacqueline Ramos works as a Veterinary Technician here at Doral Centre Animal Hospital. She joined the veterinary field for the love and well being of the animals. Her love for animals started when she was just a little girl and she has 3 years of experience in the Veterinary field. She owns one dog named Princess and two cats named Smokey and Chris. Princess has been her best friend for 17 years now and she is still going strong. Jackie just graduated from the Veterinary Technician program at Miami Dade College and is planning to become a certified technician in December of this year. After becoming a certified technician she wants to continue her education to get a Bachelor’s in Biology. On her free time she volunteers at the Humane Society of Greater Miami, Camillus House and so many more. She also loves to spend her time traveling with her family, boyfriend and friends.


Amanda - Veterinary Technician Amanda has had a passion for animals ever since she was a child, that passion is what motivated her to seek a position in the field of Veterinary Medicine. Amanda has earned her certificate for Veterinary Assistant at Miami Dade College. She is currently a student at FIU, her major is Dietetics and Nutrition. In the future she intends on studying Veterinary Medicine. Amanda has two rescued pets that were both adopted from Miami Dade’s Animal Services, one that is named “Ares,” a white domestic short hair cat and a mixed breed canine named “Gary.” What she loves the most about working here is being so close to animals and knowing that she plays a role in their recovery. She enjoys creating a bond with the patient and a trusting rapport with his/her owner. It is a joy to Amanda to be able to see pet’s leave here in a significantly better condition than when they were admitted to the hospital.

Caroline Buitrago

Caroline - Veterinary Technician Caroline Buitrago works as a Veterinary Technician here at the Doral Centre Animal Hospital. She chose to obtain a position in Veterinary Medicine due to her admiration for animal science and the different anatomies. She became a member of the Doral Centre team in June of 2015. Caroline is responsible for assisting our Veterinary Technicians as needed and ensuring the comfort and cleanliness of our patients during their stay here at Doral Centre. Caroline is currently a student a Miami Dade College with a major in Biology. In the future she intends on studying Veterinary Medicine at UF. What she finds most valuable about her position here at Doral Centre is the experience she is able to acquire by receiving hands on training, as well as her interaction with both our Doctors and Veterinary Technicians. Caroline owns a pet that she adores very much, he is a poodle mix named Benji. In the past Caroline has volunteered and fostered pets for the Greater Humane Society. During her free time she takes pleasure in playing volleyball and spending time on the beach with family and friends. Once she has obtained her Degree in Veterinary Medicine she aspires to travel overseas to provide Veterinary aid for areas that require disaster relief.


Christina - Kennel Technician Christina has been working with the team at Doral Centre Animal Hospital since February 2017. She enjoys working with animals, caring for them, and aiding in their recoveries. The most rewarding part of her job here is seeing the pets recover and reunite with their loving families. She attended Florida International University and graduated with a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in Biology. She is soon planning on starting her journey towards a Masters degree in Animal Behavior. Her plans for the future include working at a zoo or researching non-human primates, she has great interest in why animals do what they do and how they communicate. She has volunteered at a monkey conservation center, and also some pet adoption events. No matter where she goes, it will always include helping animals. On her free time, she can be found cuddling with her two rescued dogs: a yorkie named Chewie, and a rat terrier mix named Roxy.

Pacifica the dog

Pacifica - Doral Centre’s canine companion It is with a heavy heart that we have to inform everyone that our beloved Pacifica who used to bound up and down the hallways here and greet everyone has passed. She was an amazing creature and we will all miss her dearly! Many might not know that we adopted her from the Humane Society in North Miami where she was dumped after her career running the tracks was over. She lived until nearly 12 years old which is a ripe old age for a greyhound with her history. We will really miss how she used to greet the staff each morning when we came in to work and how she would visit the clients and their pets in the rooms. We also miss the antics of trying to keep her from stealing our lunches. There was always a story of whose food she took. We will always remember Pacifica.

Misty the dog

Misty Cabeza - Doral Centre’s canine companion Misty is another one of Doral Centre’s canine companions. She is a spayed female Border Collie that was born in 2009. She is owned by Dr. Cabeza and comes to work with her often. She is good friends with Pacifica. They have a love hate relationship when in to comes to treats and toys. If there is a toy around she will sniff it out and you better be ready to throw it for her. She loves swimming almost every day. She is very intelligent and has as a very eccentric personality and is extremely playful.


Grumpy the cat

Grumpy - Doral Centre’s feline companion Grumpy is one of Doral Centre’s feline companions. He is a neutered shorthair domestic cat with a white and black coat that was born in 2007. We adopted him from the Greater Humane Society in 2010. Unfortunately he had been there for quite some time because he kept being brought back since he was difficult to manage, hence the name “Grumpy.” Dr.Cabeza took a chance and adopted him. The first few years he did live up to his name, but as time passed he grew more trusting of us and actually enjoys interacting with us.


Carino the cat

Carino - Doral Centre’s feline companion Carino is another one of Doral Centre’s feline companions. He is a neutered shorthair domestic cat with a grey coat. We ended up finding Carino while we were off site at a restaurant that all technicians were at for a staff meeting in August of 2013. A man brought him to us saying he found him in the parking lot. He was only about 7 weeks old, we decided to name him after the restaurant that he was found at, “Carino’s.” We took care of him and attempted to find him a home. Unfortunately he did not play well with other cats according to a few people that attempted to keep him. Oddly enough he developed a relationship with Grumpy. Grumpy enjoyed his company and now they are best buds, therefore we have decided to keep him as part of the Doral Centre family.

“Everyone who works is extremely nice. I really liked the Doctor my dog had, not only was she knowledgeable but you could tell she genuinely cared. Thank you guys for taking care of my puppy Elvis!”
- Monica A.