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Deluxe Cat and Dog Grooming in Doral, FL

Cat and Dog Grooming in Doral, FL

Helping your pet stay clean is highly beneficial to their health and quality of life. Whether your companion requires a touch-up or a complete groom, we’re happy to refer you to Woodland Lodge Pet Resort, located right next door here in Doral, FL. Woodland Lodge gives its four-legged guests a spa-like experience, with gentle pampering and a wide variety of grooming services. Your companion can enjoy a deluxe spa bath, a deluxe grooming, a soothing pawdicure, a standard groom, and much more.

Book your pet’s reservation at Woodland Lodge Pet Resort today!

The Importance of Cat and Dog Grooming

Why is grooming so good for your pet’s health? While dogs and cats can and do groom themselves, they can’t quite do the job that a professional groomer can. Without regular care which may or may not include a full bath, your pet’s coat (especially if it’s on the longer side) and skin can develop problems. This may include:

Your pet’s nails may also cause them problems if they aren’t kept trimmed. Chipped or broken nails can be vulnerable to fungal infections and may affect how your pet walks. With routine grooming, your pet can stay comfortable, clean, and healthy. If you’d like to schedule a grooming appointment for your pet, contact

Woodland Lodge Pet Resort today!

“Everyone who works is extremely nice. I really liked the Doctor my dog had, not only was she knowledgeable but you could tell she genuinely cared. Thank you guys for taking care of my puppy Elvis!”
- Monica A.