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Emergency Vet Near Sweetwater, FL

Emergency Vet Near Sweetwater, FL

Although we hope they never happen to anyone, the reality is that emergencies occur all the time. If your dog or cat near Sweetwater has a medical emergency, bring them on in to Doral Centre Animal Hospital. Our emergency vet near Sweetwater provides emergency care to dogs and cats 24 hours a day. It doesn’t matter if it’s early in the morning, late at night, on a weekend or Christmas Day - if your family pet needs us, we will always be here.

Though going through an emergency is frightening, please know that your furry friends will be in good hands with our team of veterinarians. Your pet is our top priority, as it is to all of us. When emergency strikes, visit our emergency vet near Sweetwater right away!

Common Vet Emergencies Near Sweetwater, FL

Our emergency vets near Sweetwater have seen many emergency and critical cases in dogs and cats. These include the following:

Kitten with our emergency vets near Sweetwater, FL

When you bring your dog or cat in for emergency vet care, please have them in a carrier. Some good substitutes to use if you don’t have one could be a towel or a cardboard box. This measure helps you out as much as it helps us, because it’s easier to move them if they are badly injured.

It won’t be long before our veterinary team will be by to assist you. We’ll ask about your pet’s symptoms, and what happened before you arrived. If your pet swallowed something they shouldn’t have, we’ll ask you to describe what it was. To help you remember the basic facts that you’ll need to tell us, write them down. Most of all, you need to stay calm. We know this is a frightening time, but you don’t need any kind of undue stress on yourself or your furry friend.

After talking over the pertinent details with us, we’ll provide the treatment needed to help your pet. What occurs depends on the emergency situation you have.

When you have an emergency, call the emergency vets at Doral Centre Animal Hospital at 305-598-1234.

“Everyone who works is extremely nice. I really liked the Doctor my dog had, not only was she knowledgeable but you could tell she genuinely cared. Thank you guys for taking care of my puppy Elvis!”
- Monica A.